Vegan Lebanese Food for him!

Vegan Lebanese Food for him!

Your friend just got back from a yoga program in India and you want to take him out for supremely delicious and nourishing vegetarian Lebanese Meals at one of the best restaurants for Lebanese Food in Tecom, Dubai.

You had heard endless comments about the terrific taste of Lebanese Meals, but this time you decided to try it for yourself and take your vegan friend to pamper his vegan taste buds with the exquisite Lebanese Food in Tecom, Dubai.

Based on the shiny history of positive feedback about the delicious variety of vegetarian options of Lebanese Meals in Dubai, we’ll hand you three elements of attraction for vegans which would force your vegan friend to come with you for that mouth-watering Lebanese Food in Tecom, Dubai:

1. Lentil soup (Shorba): here my friend, you would have two beautiful and very rich in iron Lebanese Food to taste. You can try the brown lentil soup or yellow lentil soup, both are known to be gorgeously tasty however, the choice is yours to make by the time you finish you and your friend finish your delicious Lebanese Meals in UAE.

2. Tabbouleh: it’s a beautiful and utterly healthy mixture of vegetables and other enriching ingredients; this heavenly green bite of Lebanese Food includes little pieces of onion, small chops of bright red tomato, green parsley, rich olive oil, fresh lemon juice and chewy groats.

3. Pumpkin Kibbeh: this is the vegetarian version of the traditional delicious Middle-Eastern kibbeh, which is considered as very healthy and tasty vegetarian Lebanese Food. Here, the crispy beauties of Kibbeh balls which are groat-based are stuffed with pumpkin purée along with chickpeas instead of meat, to fit the vegan taste of your friend while you are having your vegetarian Lebanese Food in Marina, Lebanese Food in Jumeira, Lebanese Food in Palm, Lebanese Food in JLT or the variety of Lebanese Meals in Tecom.

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