Top 10 Middle-Eastern foods for beginners!

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Top 10 Middle-Eastern foods for beginners!

Have you ever tried to be the cook in the house?!… Oh come on, most of us have.

Because we do appreciate all your attempts and we believe in your super cooking powers, because we trust and support the timid chef inside of you, we as a leading restaurant for Lebanese Food in UAE prepared a list that encompasses some of the mouth-watering and simple Middle-Eastern foods for all beginners to tackle.

Ten of the widely-known Middle-Eastern foods include the internationally-loved delicious Lebanese Meals, and those foods could be decorating your dining table and pampering your taste buds.

1. Shish Taouk (chicken kebobs): This is a very easy recipe. You just have to pass by the meat department at the supermarket and buy the already chopped chicken to spare yourself some time. You have the option to add some delicious vegetables of your choice, and then you make the final decision regarding the manner in which you would like to cook your chicken kebobs!

2. Falafel: You shouldn’t be fooled with the rumors about your yummy falafel being hard to prepare. It really is very easy to handle and you could even turn into a decent meal, by having it in pita bread with some onions, lettuce, tahini and some pickles!

3. Kofta: Just drop by the butchery and ask for some kofta as you could cook it so easily. Lay your kofta in the oven and leave to get ready as a great mighty-meaty meal.

4. Hummus: This widely-known Middle Eastern appetizer could be found at supermarkets, and is usually eaten with some pita bread.

5. Ghoraibi (butter cookies): Another type of Middle Eastern sweet food is the Ghoraibi that are a very easy to prepare and could also be frozen for some later time-use.

6. Pita bread: The famous pita bread could be your home-made treat. Even if it took you a while for the dough to be ready, it’ll be a very simple recipe to get your own pita bread done at home, using the basic steps that are much like a pie recipe and easier.

7. Turkish coffee: Nothing could beat a morning cup of strong Turkish coffee; this coffee is going to awaken your taste buds to an incomparable aroma.

8. Lebanese rice: This Lebanese rice is going to be such an easy-to-make and addictive mouth-watering food for you to prepare. You can have it with some yoghurt on the side.

9. Lamb burgers: Lamb burgers and hamburgers are very alike, only that a lamb burger comes with an unusual kick with its brilliantly-added spices.

10. Fasulia (Green bean and beef stew): It’s usually considered to be a wintery food, however you could have it at anytime you would like to. This recipe includes stew lamb or beef, you can select your preferred taste.

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