Lebanese Food Guide – What & Where to Eat Lebanese Food in Dubai

Lebanese Food Guide – What & Where to Eat Lebanese Food in Dubai

The Lebanese Cuisine

One of the most sought-after cuisines all over the world is Lebanese. They offer some world-class dishes and meals that taste so spectacularly. Because of this, people from different countries are always seeking and craving for Lebanese meals. Thankfully, we have lots of Lebanese restaurant in Dubai wherein you can easily visit whenever you desire to eat specific Lebanese dishes.

Surely, you have your own favorite dishes – appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

What to Eat


In Lebanon, appetizers are called “Mezze” – there are hot and cold mezze – the ones that can blow your mind and trigger your sensations in every bite. Usually, mezze is served with Pita Bread.

  1. Makanek with Pomegranate and Molasses, if you want a sausage dipped in sweet and sour greatness, with a hint of salty flavor.
  2. Btata Hara, if you want potatoes sliced in cubes and marinated with spicy ( coriander and chili ) and Parsley.
  3. Kibbeh Nayyeh, if you want raw meat ( lamb or beef ) with bulgur, olive oil, and other secret spices!

Main Course

For heavy and tasty meals that you can chomp down during lunch or dinner, there are also dishes that can satisfy your palates! Check these out:

  1. Shawarma, if you want paper-thin meat with a mix of parsley, tomatoes, fries, and other spices. It can be served with rice or bread.
  2. Manakeesh, if you simply want a pizza-like dish topped with authentic Lebanese toppings like thyme, olive oil, labneh, minced beef, tomato paste, and etc.
  3. Falafel, for a light brunch, you can try this mix of chickpeas or fava beans that are fried until golden brown. Dip or wrap it with bread in tahini sauce and salad!


For people with a sweet tooth out there, Lebanese desserts will never disappoint you!

  1. Kenafeh is one of the most famous Lebanese desserts. If you are craving for milk cream with cheese and sweetened Qatr, devour this!
  2. Ghazal Beirut, if you want an Arabic ice cream topped with light cotton candy and cherry on top.
  3. Layali Lebnan, if you want a pampering and indulgent recipe of cream, rose water, semolina, pistachio and Qatr.

Where to eat

And if you are looking for the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai so you can try out the mentioned Lebanese dishes, come to our restaurant at Jabbour Restaurant.

If you are now craving for Lebanese meals because of our brief discussion about these Lebanese meals, you can contact us and order Lebanese food online or visit us at Tecom.

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