Happy Anniversary To Us!

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Your favorite Lebanese restaurant in Dubai, Jabbour Restaurant, has just turned one-year-old today!

Time flies so fast and today marks our first year of serving you with sumptuous traditional Lebanese meals. Exactly a year ago, we opened our doors to the public and let you have a taste of Lebanese meals that authentically taste like home at every bite.

We have never rested in giving our faithful customers savvy and tasty meals that are unlike any other – we have all the Lebanese meals that you can think of, starting from the Soups, Salads, Cold Mezza, Hot Mezza, Grilled Meals, Sandwiches and of course, Beverages. We also give assorted flavors of shisha – perfect if you just want to hang and chill with your family and friends.

You can always visit us at Tecom and if you are busy with work, you can opt for our online delivery system – just go to our website and pick your preferred meals and have it delivered at your doorstep. We have decided to allow this kind of service because your convenience is one of our main priorities. We always ensure that you will be given the highest form of provision by all our staffs at Jabbour Restaurant.

Today, since it’s our anniversary, we are giving 10% discount on all our dine-in meals! A good way to show you, our faithful customers, that we are deeply grateful for your never-ending support to our restaurant.

Come to our restaurant anytime today and avail this exciting discount – satisfy your cravings for Lebanese meals and have it today at Jabbour Restaurant!

This simple reward for your faithfulness to our restaurant is just the start of showering you with over pouring offers and also succulent meals that can make your stomachs and hearts full because even for the years to come, we will continue to make sure that you will be served with Lebanese meals that you will love and also offers that you will appreciate.

Again, we are thanking you for your full support to Jabbour Restaurant and having us reach one year with palpable position in the market. We are anticipating to be with you for a long time!

To check out our meals, please visit our website: http://jabbourresto.com/menu

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