Find out what the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai has to offer this Ramadan’s Iftar!

Find out what the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai has to offer this Ramadan’s Iftar!

Ramadan is coming sooner than you thought – being hard workers as you are, perhaps there will be days that you will have to spend Iftar far from home, maybe in restaurants near your workplace. And if you are looking for the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai, look no farther because Jabbour Restaurant is the perfect place you’re looking for.

Jabbour Restaurant brings you closer to home – Lebanon. All the authentic and traditional Lebanese meals that you’ve known since you were a kid are all available here. Every bite takes you on a journey to Lebanon and this has been true ever since they opened their doors to the public. You can always come to Jabbour Restaurant anytime – they serve not only Lebanese breakfast in Dubai but for lunch and dinner as well.

This Ramadan, moreover, is one more reason why you should come to Jabbour Restaurant – they will be serving the most sumptuous meals for Iftar; starting from the soup to beverages and sweet:


  • Lentil soup or Soup of the Day

Cold Appetizers

  • Fattouch
  • Hummus
  • Moutabal
  • Warak Enab
  • Hindbeh

Hot Appetizers

  • Rice with Chicken
  • Dish of the Day


  • Assorted Sweets
  • Ghazal l banet


  • Soft drinks
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Have tasty Lebanese cuisine like no other from Jabbour Restaurant. Dine in an ambience so close to home while hearing Lebanese songs on the background as well. Satisfy your cravings and satiate your palate with the meals from Jabbour Restaurant that are made with utter meticulousness from our talented and professional chefs.

Our staffs are trained well to treat our customer right and your brief stay with us will surely be one of a kind.

Make your Ramadan even more special by celebrating Iftar with Jabbour Restaurant, together with your family and friends. Savour the lavish meals and break your fast in a luxurious way. Iftar will be more extraordinary if it is celebrated with your loved ones, in a place that will make you feel at home.

Being in the industry long enough have made us prepare the best Arabic food in Dubai, that will truly fill your hearts and stomachs.

Have a good time this Ramadan, have your Iftar with Jabbour Restaurant!

Check out more of our meals here which you can order online by the way from our website

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