15 Best Traditional Lebanese Foods – Must Try

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15 Best Traditional Lebanese Foods – Must Try

Fresh, timeless, aromatic, and rich – these are what you can expect from the opulent cuisine of Lebanese food.

Through the years, the cuisine’s international recognition is skyrocketing. Many people are getting hooked with the sumptuous taste of Lebanese food. The aroma, the fresh ingredients, and the unforgettable experience of this Middle Eastern dish are just completely satisfying.

There are numerous Lebanese dishes that are already popular in different parts of the world. In our case, you can always come to your favorite Lebanese restaurant in Dubai whenever you find ourselves craving for it. You can choose from the innumerable Lebanese restaurants and taste all the sumptuous Lebanese meal that people love!

At Jabbour Restaurant, you can trust that we will bring the authentic taste of Lebanon to you – have a taste of home and feel like you’re really there! Our restaurant’s setting is close to how you see it in Lebanon, enhancing and completing your Lebanese experience.

Among all the Lebanese meals that we encounter every day, what are considered as the best dishes?

1- Hummus

This chickpea spread is perfect for a burger, baked potato, and pita bread. Slather it and enjoy!

2- Manakeesh:

This is the pizza in the Arabic world. It’s round and sprinkled with cheese, ground meat or zaatar. You can consume it at breakfast or lunch – either way, you want.

3- Grilled Halloumi:

These chewy mini slabs are made from goat and sheep milk – not your typical grilled cheese.

4- Kibbeh:

These fried pine nuts are spicy and tasty enough to make you taste it again and again!

5- Kafta:

Kafta is made of lamb, beef, or chicken meat that is filled with spices, parsley, breadcrumbs, and onion. Get your gravy – dig in!

6- Kanafeh:

if you are a fan of sweets, this can sweeten up your day! This sugary cheesy pastry is smothered with orange blossom syrup.

7- Falafel:

Falafel is perfect as a spread especially when you’re taking your snacks.

8- Tabouleh:

this is the kind of parsley that you’ve never had before – tastier and richer!

9- Moutabal:

if you are a fan of dips, you have to try the Moutabal aside from the Hummus – then, decide which one is your absolute favorite!

10- Fattoush:

this is a tangy salad that is ultimately popular all over the world. Clearly addictive; a must-try!

11- Sfeeha:

Meat pie, anyone? Try the Sfeeha and find yourself wanting for more!

12- Shawarma:

the tender meat wrapped in pita bread is the cure to almost everything! This might be one of the most loved snacks all over the world!

13- Sheesh Tawook:

this meal is popular for its rich taste made by the marinades and condiments that make it truly succulent.

14- Dolma:

composed of fresh vine leaves that are rolled to perfection.

15- Knafe:

this cheesecake uses the Nabusi Cheese – it blushes through the rose water or the orange blossom water.

This list will surely help you in which Lebanese food you should try. Once you feel like you’re craving for authentic Lebanese meals, come to us at Jabbour Restaurant and we’ll satisfy your palate!

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